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The same language between humans, not humans only! Between all creature as animals, plants and …, but there are different tact, and every one must respect them.
The favorite Music penetrates into each cell of body, and takes body on soft flatness virtual surface that you can fly or float in space, if you close your eyes.
If you accept this text, please send your favorite music or the name singer and music to this address:

[email protected]

Yours sincerely: Reza

Green Energy

Dear ladies and gentlemen
I wanna have a research on natural energies, I am enthusiastic about help me to know that which one is better such as: economical, clean & green, reasons.
please write about ways can help me about excellent understanding of natural energies.
answers maybe simple and usual or professional, at the end thanks that read text.
please send your ides about text to this email:

[email protected]

yours sincerely: Reza


you can find more color in the world and select the best color that you like it. one color that you have hated it or like less, selected by another one.and it shows that every thing in wold are beautiful even you hated it.
so we shall respect to anything and believe on even don’t like them.
don’t forget, that world has colorful so it’s not seemed be bored and it is too beautiful if have been looked at widely.